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A unique mix of arcade classics in 3D


Arkanoid? Pinball? Pong? No, it´s Ploing2! A unique and innovative mix of arcade classics in a fantastic 3D world. An astronaut has to push comets with his paddle to break bricks and bubbles and hit bells and bumpers in a strange universe

Tags: arcade arkanoid breakout pinball ploing pong

Play spooky 3D Halloween Mahjong Solitaire.

3D Halloween Mahjong

Looking for a real treat this Halloween? Check out 3D Halloween Mahjong. Watch ghosts fly around a scary 3D graveyard scenery, listen to spooky music, and enjoy ghostly Halloween graphics, while removing the 144 tiles in matching pairs.

Tags: 3d board check halloween looking mahjong mahjongg puzzle real spooky treat

Amazing family-fun 3D underwater puzzle game


Guide Phlipper through an amazing underwater world. Put three or more similar cubes together: they burst and disappear from the playing field. 8 game modes (including two-player modes) keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. Family-fun 3D puzzle game.

Tags: arcade bust-a-move puzzle

Dive into a vivid undersea PacMan maze game


Dive into a game that brings back classic arcade fun: PacFish, a colorful takeoff on PacMan-style maze games. In PacFish´s vivid undersea world there is plenty to eat, but PacFish is not alone.Quite a few enemies try to find out how PacFish tastes...

Tags: arcade back brings classic dive game pac man pacman undersea vivid world

This Mahjongg Game is a Yankee Doodle Dandy!

3D Magic Mahjongg - 4th of July

This Mahjongg Game is a Yankee Doodle Dandy. Play patriotic Mahjongg Solitaire in stylish 3D backgrounds. Clear the board by removing the 144 tiles in matching pairs. Enjoy special "4th of July" holiday graphics and patriotic music.

Tags: board dandy doodle game mahjong mahjongg patriotic play puzzle solitaire yankee


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