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SD WinHider

SysDevSoftware Ltd.

SD WinHider is the application to manage your windows/tray icons appearance. It's features: * Hide/restore any window on your desktop; * Hide/restore system tray (shell notification area) icons; * Make any window transparent (from 0 to 90%); * Changes title of ANY window; * Changes window icons; * Keyboards shortcuts to hide/restore window and make it transparent. (Alt+Home/End to * show/hide window and Alt+PgUP/PgDown to make window more/less 'solid'); * Own tray icon to activate self; it could be hidden by configuration. (Alt+Up/Down shows/hides application window); * Fast window hide feature (with left and right key together); you can turn this feature off; * Starts with windows (optionally); * Show/hide windows/icons just by 'turning on/off' them in built-in windows list; * Can activate menus even for hidden tray icons just by clicking them in usual way in built-in icon list. * 3 settings only!

Software Price: $16.95
Software Version: 1.16.2
Release Date
: 8/12/2006

Size: 0.40 MB
Platform: Windows 2000, XP, Windows 2003

Download Link: SD WinHider Download

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