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3DMath Explorer


3DMath Explorer is a computer program that pilots 2D and 3D graphs of mathematical functions and curves in unlimited graphing space. It has many useful feature such as; 1-3D curve ploting in real time, 2-perspective drawing, 3-graph scaling (zooming), 4-active graph rotation, 5-fogging effect, 6-cubic draw, 7-unlimited space ploting, 8-four view plot screen, 9-auto rotate animation, 10-single coordinate system defination, 11-additional parameter function and loop variable definations, 12-3D surfaces with 3D volumes 13-curve line length and surface area calculation, 14-full control on all graphical elements, 15-drawing many curves in the same screen, 16-working with many graph screen in the same time, 3DMathExplorer is a very useful program for students to make experiment and observation, for teachers to teach the subjects more interesting and comfortable, for writers to select graphs for their books within more suitable, beautiful and comprehensible graphs, and for all people that interests in this subject to use with ease.

Software Price: $45.00
Software Version: 3.1
Release Date
: 10/1/2002

Size: 2.44 MB
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME, NT 4.x, XP, Windows 2000

Download Link: 3DMath Explorer Download

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