ASP.NET internationalization design tool.

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Localizer gives you everything you need to add powerful ASP.NET internationalization support to Microsoft Visual Studio 2002 / 2003, bringing the same set of localization features that Windows Forms programmers enjoy to the ASP.NET world. Until now, a similar level of Visual Studio designer support for localizing ASP.NET Web Forms has not been available. Now with Localizer you can produce localized versions of your ASP.NET Web Forms and controls in the Visual Studio designer in exactly the same way you would for Windows Forms applications. All you need to do is drop a Localizer component onto your WebForm (or UserControl), design the page in the invariant language and then set the Language property of Localizer to the language you choose. This generates a new .resx file for that language, and all property changes are written to this new file. When your web application is run Localizer checks the current locale and checks if the application has resources for that locale.

Software Price: $199.99
Software Version:
Release Date
: 5/2/2006

Size: 0.16 MB
Platform: XP, Windows 2000

Download Link: Localizer Download

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