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Desktop Reminder

TheAlas Software

Desktop Reminder is small and simple scheduling program. You will never forget your important dates again, as long as you have this program installed. Very simple interface enables you to use Desktop Reminder instantly. As you finish adding tasks to his "reminders" list, small "Agent" program will start counting time and you can relax, without that nasty feeling... that you just might forgot something. Program features: ? Digital and analog clock in the main window ? Reminder description, text that will pup up as reminder activates ? Sound notification, looped sounds that can awake you if you decided to take a nap ? Periodical reminders (e.g., program can remind you the same thing every 20 minutes) ? Time-independent reminders, reminder can be activated in any time of day ? Text/background color of the reminder description can be changed ? Multi-language support, you can now change LNG files in any text editor ? Very simple interface, anyone can use it without problems ? Reminder Agent takes only 1MB of memory now

Software Price: $19
Software Version: 2.0
Release Date
: 8/10/2004

Size: 0.6 MB
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME, XP, Windows 2000

Download Link: Desktop Reminder Download

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