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ThoughtOffice Corp.

ThoughtOffice eXpertSolutions is a Problem-Solving plug-in for ThoughtOffice Brainstorming & Creativity Software. Similar to the well-known IdeaFisher Q-Banks, ThoughtOffice eXpertTopic Modules provide potent, authoritative guidance to help you take any problem or idea, & turn it directly into an effective, creative solution. To create our eXpertTopic Modules, we polled 217 MBAs, PhDs, CEOs, domain experts, & successful executives to find out how they solve the problems they confront daily. Then we distilled their processes & advice into 16 eXpertTopic Modules you can tap with a click of your mouse. You get a tireless collaborator with no ego. To use the eXpertSolutions module, start with hundreds of built-in, expert-level prompts & queries to drill down on & greatly expand on an issue or task expertly & creatively. This is the same process used by the pros to brainstorm solutions for themselves and their Fortune 500 clients. Next, use the integrated idea search engine to rapidly and dramatically expand your associative thinking process. The IdeaBrowser search engine helps you quickly & easily find new associations in the form of images, definitions, quotes, lyrics, & more, adding thought-provoking, creative ideas to your session. ThoughtOffice also gives you a place to organize it all, merging your research & answers into a Brainstorming Session to share with co-workers or clients. Sessions can be presented using the built-in Slideshow viewer, exported as an HTML or text file, printed in 4 different formats, or converted into a PDF file. And the Session Document carries with it the author's ID and notice. There's never a question where an idea originated in a ThoughtOffice Session. And ThoughtOffice is 100% guaranteed for 1 year. We'll personally help you use ThoughtOffice to create effective solutions to troublesome problems; or we'll update, upgrade, coach or refund to your complete satisfaction. ThoughtOffice is available for Windows XP/Vista and Mac OS X.

Software Price: $33.00
Software Version: 1.5.1
Release Date
: 8/10/2007

Size: 1.83 MB
Platform: Windows 2000, XP, Windows 2003, Vista

Download Link: eXpertSolutions Download

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