Manage agile teams using SCRUM intuitive way

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ScrumDesk provides intuitive view on stories (tasks) using index card view and enable project management collaboration. ScrumDesk is not only for project managers. ScrumDesk connects project teams, team members with customers and management. Everyone can easily identify status of the project using reports that displays typically used SCRUM metrics such as a burndown chart, release metrics, parking lot and so on. ScrumDesk provide at any time easy access to collaboration tools including messaging, internet calls, emails, web pages and bug tracking systems. ScrumDesk also support LDAP for easy user management. Benefits: for managers - Easy team members management - Support for multiple teams even dislocated - Releases and sprints planning - Instant project status metrics - Retrospective ideas to get development process improved for product owners - Close relations with development team - Instant feedback about changes - Easy product features planning - Direct connection to developers - Timeline for main project development events like demo, release, sprints for developers and QA - Tracking work - Easy sprint status identification - Collaboration with product owner, scrum master even in distributed scenarios - Latest stories changes

Software Price: Freeware
Software Version:
Release Date
: 8/19/2008

Size: 2.86 MB
Platform: XP, Windows 2003, Vista

Download Link: ScrumDesk Download

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