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Capture from Webcam HD MPEG stream

Captures snapshots up to 30 frames per second from any video device including USB and Analog cameras, Television boards, Camcorders and Network Internet webcams. The program streams online high-quality MPEG-4 video from your computer or sends JPEG snapshots to your FTP server. Streaming can be viewed using any Internet browser; no plug-ins or downloads required. You can broadcast synchronized recording and streaming from limitless quantity of cameras. Your webcam / webcams can be used as security application. Once the software identifies movement in the monitored area, it sounds siren, e-mails you captured pictures, launches broadcasting, or records video. Online broadcasting as well as recording can be password protected that all video and audio are scrambled and cannot be watched without valid password. The program has features to display image overlays and date/time stamps, modify video dimension / quality, and Pan/Tilt/Zoom control.

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