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Trellian FTP is a file transfer client

Trellian FTP

Trellian FTP is a file transfer client that allows you to transfer files between your PC and any FTP server on the Internet. It comes complete with a list of the most popular FTP sites so you can access software via the Internet.

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Optimizes and tidies HTML code

Trellian WebTidy

Trellian WebTidy is the perfect solution to optimizing and supercharging your websites. With Trellian WebTidy you take a page from your website and the program will carefully analyze all of your code and begin correcting all errors, line-by-line.

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Powerful web crawling program

Trellian SiteSpider

Trellian SiteSpider is a powerful, yet simple to use program which is loaded with sophisticated search, web crawling and site mapping functions.

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Keyword optimizer

Trellian KeywordAnalyzer

KeywordAnalyzer will analyze the keyword and phrase usage in web pages, calculate keyword densities and suggest the most commonly searched terms to include in your web pages. Part of the SEO Tookit, KeywordAnalyzer is available in many languages.

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create image mapped images

Trellian ImageMapper

Trellian Image Mapper is the quickest way to create image mapped images for your website. Full support for hyperlinked rectangles, circles and even polygon regions is provided and you can import all your current image maps.

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