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Swift Elite


Swift Elite 1.0 the ultimate Hoster for the PC solution brought to you by TriceraSoft. Host any DJ or KJ show at the click of a mouse pointer. Bring the Power of CD+G, CD-Audio, VCD, DVD, and Karaoke Media Files. Features: Multiformat Audio+G Player True Pitch Control (+/- 6 Semi Tones) Multiplex/Vocal Remove Cross Fade (0-25 seconds overlay) Video/Audio Cross Fade Independant Volume Controls Optional Filters Mechanism (DMOs) Song Collection Playlist Sort Playlist Quick Find Multi Sound and Video Card Support Remote and Custom Keys Next Singer and Onscreen Text Messages Songbook and RTF Exporter Picture Slideshow Skinnale Interface Dual Deck/Dual Playlist Interface Full Hoster Tool Conversion Tools Song Collection Discs: CD+G/CD-Audio, VCD, DVD Picture Slide Show Next Singer/Singer List View Onscreen Text Messaging Preview Player Preview Screens Multi-Soundcard Multi-Monitor Support Quick Key Management Songbook Print and RTF Export Fast Seekable CDG Routines Shuffle/Single/Intro/Repeat ATI Wonder Remote Support Play MP3+G Zipped Key/Tempo Settings Save in Playlist Files Play Direct CD+G Discs with Deinterleave High Resolution Images Behind CDG Graphics CDG Background Image Rotation Change CDG Background LIVE! Numark DMC-1 v2 Controller!

Software Price: $200
Software Version: 1.01
Release Date
: 10/31/2003

Size: 5.83 MB
Platform: Win98, Windows 2000, XP

Download Link: Swift Elite Download

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