Hard disk drive bad sector repair and removal

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Disk Repair Software

Unistal Systems Pvt Ltd.

Recover your hard drive. Hard disk repair, bad sector, logical bad sector repair tool, disk repair utility, free bad sector removal software, floppy disk repair software, hard disk utility, Track 0 Bad Disks, bad-sector repair utility, partition repair, hard disk recovery, hard drive repair, hdd repair, remove bad sectors, media repairing software tool, disk repair recovery india. Hard disk drive bad sector repair and removal software tool, bad sectors recovery utility software. Disk Repair is a utility to remove/repairs logically formed bad sectors from Hard Disks and Floppy Disks. Disk Repair is a logical bad sector removal and repair software that removes the logical bad sectors and repairs "Track 0 Bad Disks". Bad sectors are a major problem in hard disks, which are found to be mainly logical in nature. Computer companies usually have to replace the hard disk. Most often bad sectors spread and corrupt Track 0 of the disk due to which it doesn't get formatted, O/S doesn't get installed or copying data gives error.

Software Price: $124
Software Version: 10.x
Release Date
: 10/25/2004

Size: 0.03 MB
Platform: Win98, WinME, NT 4.x, XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003

Download Link: Disk Repair Software Download

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