Save the positions of your desktop icons.

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Save Desktop Icon Pos.


Overview This program gives you the power to save the positions of your desktop icons. Icons can be hidden or shown. These patterns can then be saved and restored at any time. Even special icons such as the Recycle Bin and My Documents can be removed. A pattern can be restored whenever the program is started or whenever the screen resolution changes. In the event of resolution changes the overall pattern will still remain, due to the dynamic way it is restored. The size of Desktop icons can be set. The entire desktop can be hidden. The desktop can be hidden automatically and only appear when the mouse pointer is over it. This allows you to see the wallpaper clearly. All this can be accessed from a colourful icon menu. NB: This program will not work in WindowsNT or Windows2000. Why would I want it * If you are always changing the positions of your icons, but sometimes feel a setup you had previously was better, then this is for you. * If you have kids or anoying cousins who are always rearranging your icons, then this is the perfect way for you to put your icons back to however you want them * If you change your screen resolution frequently (or even a game changes it for you! ) then this program can restore the look of your desktop back automatically.

Software Price: $15
Software Version: 2.11.0007
Release Date
: 3/17/2002

Size: 2.25 MB
Platform: Win95, Win98

Download Link: Save Desktop Icon Pos. Download

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