World stocks ticker with diagrams and lists

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Valeri Vlassov

World stocks ticker with diagrams and lists for NYSE, NASDAQ etc and possibility to open a lot of quotes and lists together. Friendly and simple user interface. How to use it: - click a button (NYSE, NASDAQ etc) for a list of quotes; - double click (or press Enter) in a list at a quote you are interesting for; - you will get a latest details for that quote; - then you will getting the new quotedata every 5 minutes automatically; - use "Find quote in a list" button for finding a quote by a part of the company's name or by the quote symbol; - use "Find quote worldwide" button for finding a quote by the quote symbol and country; Parameters dialog: - set a USA ET or local time to show in a graph; - change the refresh time period (5 minutes or more); - set write or not a quotedata for the current quote to a txt file; Tips: - examples of worldwide quotes: VOW Germany for Volkswagen, 6758 Japan for SONY Corp. - in a list of quotes use keys: "Home" for go to top, "End" for go to bottom, "Page Up", "Page Down" for scrolling, "Enter" for select a station, "Ctrl + F" for show a "Find" dialog ; - quickly select one of the last quotes in menu "File"; - click a header of column in a quotes list for sortinig a list by that column; - use a "Ctrl + F4" for close any window; - for registration run VITicker and enter User Name and Serial Number in Menu Help / Registration. - quotes are delayed for 15-20 minutes;

Software Price: $19
Software Version: 1.0
Release Date
: 10/22/2005

Size: 4.15 MB
Platform: WinME, Windows 2000, XP, Windows 2003

Download Link: VITicker Download

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