Viatcheslav V. Vassiliev

Host .Net framework in compiled HTA


The component hosts .Net framework in an HTML application inside Internet Explorer browser. It loads .Net runtime on demand and allows you to create .Net object for the later use in scripts

Tags: application applications compiled compiler framework host hta html included net

In-process web-server, supports PHP, ASP.Net


In-process web-server implemented as asynchronous pluggable protocol with support for PHP, ASP.Net and ISAPI.

Tags: asp asp-net embedded web server in-process isapi net php support web server web-server

dbExpress driver for MS SQL Server, MS Access

OleDb Express

dbExpress driver for MS SQL Server, MS Access and MS Excel data sources.

Tags: access data database dbexpress driver excel ms oledb server sources sql sql server vcl

Wysiwyg HTML editor and RAD for PHP, ASP.Net


MSHTML-based wysiwyg HTML editor, RAD for client-side and server-side HTML applications. Includes many additional tools such as XML editor, Database viewer, .Net IDE and others.

Tags: applications asp asp-net editor hta html html editor net php rad web-design www-sharp wysiwyg

Access .Net objects from Delphi/C++ Builder

Managed extensions for VCL

Managed VCL is the best components suite to work with .Net framework from Delphi and C++ Builder. It is designed to provide a way to interact with applications written in anyone of .Net languages - C#, Visual Basic.Net, JScript.Net and others.

Tags: builder c components delphi framework interop net net framework suite vcl work

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