The minesweeper game.

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Dangerous activity 3D


Finding original and interesting games is not easy. However, this game takes the original minesweeper game into the three-dimensional realm. This game incorporates logic for the placement of mines that is similar to the educational breadboard model for learning engineers/sappers. The graphics of the game absorb the player into the game world, and the process of clearing mines is engaging. As soon as you start the game, you can see the menu with its dynamic background rendered by the game core. The general pattern is replaced with changing weather scenes ranging from a clear sunny day to a downpour with flashes of lightening. Another innovative aspect of this game is the complicated circuits of mine fields combined with the sequences of original levels. These features will especially please players who have become bored with uniform, rectangular fields. To test the game, you can download and play a trial version that provides the full game functionality for 30 uses.

Software Price: $14.95
Software Version: 2.0
Release Date
: 2/25/2004

Size: 5.68 MB
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME, XP, Windows 2000

Download Link: Dangerous activity 3D Download

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