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Perspector Standard Edition

Visual Exemplars Ltd

If you're looking for new ways to make your PowerPoint presentations stand out, Perspector will give you what you want. Perspector lets you add a variety of 3D effects to your slides, from individual shapes to full-blown 3D diagrams. There is a library with images in it that you can use to make an immediate difference to your presentations. If you want to make your bullet lists more interesting, try out one of the 3D lists! Editing 3D images in Perspector is easy if you've ever used 2D shapes in PowerPoint before. It works the same way - dragging a shape moves it, dragging one of the handles resizes the shape or rotates it. If you get stuck, there are some short and snappy videos included to show you how to do these things. Perspector is the only PowerPoint tool that lets you create 3D images. There are some PowerPoint tools that let you create 3D titles, but these don't let you create 3D images and diagrams. If you want 3D titles, Perspector can do these too. There are 3D drawing programs such as Maya and 3ds Max that could be used to create 3D images for your presentations, but since they are designed for 3D artists they are not easy to learn. Perspector has been designed exclusively for PowerPoint users. The other 3D drawing programs also don't have the PowerPoint integration that Perspector has, so they don't let you edit your 3D image directly from inside PowerPoint. This is a really great feature of Perspector because it means the 3D effects are always at your fingertips when you are working on your presentations.

Software Price: $149
Software Version: 4.2
Release Date
: 8/15/2008

Size: 17.08 MB
Platform: XP, Windows 2000, Windo, Vista

Download Link: Perspector Standard Edition Download

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