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All Correspondence and Documents Manager

WeBBusterZ Engineering Software

All Correspondence & Documents Manager is an index manager software that is made to allow you to keep a track of all your correspondences and documents that you have stored on your computer or on files. The software is easy to use and have many useful and custom features which allow the user to set reminders,add documents formats, filing locations, language and numbering systems also to store memos and contacts and many more...below is a list of main features: 1-Create and maintain many user accounts with the ability have one account for access by all or separate individual accounts each have a different profile and passwords 2-Ability to add different documents types like Quotations,Invoices,Spreadsheets,Project document, Word documents...etc each with a Numbering system that you set up so that it doesn't interfere with your current numbers. Edit,Search and Delete functions is also supported. 3-Two different data entry forms for convenience 4-Documents sorting function 5-Setup different alarm and document reminders in the calendar and display all reminders with description 6-Ability to setup Follow up/Deadline/Close date reminders for each individual document or entry 7-Add/Edit/Delete/Search Memos 8-Add/Edit/Delete/Search Company address or Personal contact 9-Generate unique system/document identification numbers 10-Different filing options to enable easy tracking of documents 11-Export records to MsExcel spreadsheet. 12-Print records For more information please visit or

Software Price: $49.99
Software Version: 1.0.0
Release Date
: 5/20/2006

Size: 6.76 MB
Platform: Win98, WinME, XP

Download Link: All Correspondence and Documents Manager Download

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