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A Windows task manager customized for Win98


A Windows task manager customized for Windows 98, Windows Me platform.

Tags: 98 cpu usage customized manager me platform task task manager win98 windows windows98

A professional watermark maker


A professional watermark maker which can let you create and apply watermarks using your brand name, it features the ability to manipulate watermarks rapidly, accurately, and expeditely.

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Create Gif pictures from plain text

Advanced Text2Gif

Advanced Text2Gif enables you to create Gif pictures from plain text. It is very useful when you want to keep the original settings of your text (e.g. particular font or size, color) and distribute it on the net.

Tags: convert convert text to gif create gif pictures plain plaint text text text2gif

Protect data using encrypted virtual drives.

Secure Disk

SecureDisk is a program which can create encrypted virtual disks on Windows operation systems to protect your files or data from been accessed by others.

Tags: blowfish data drives encrypted encypt encypt files encypt virtual drives files files security protect security virtual virtual disks

Create HTML Hel (CHM) files

Visual CHM

With Visual CHM you can easily create your HTML help files.

Tags: chm chm maker create create html help files help html html help maker interface microsoft microsoft html help using wyswyg


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