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The RouteWriter add-in imports and exports waypoints for Microsoft MapPoint routes whilst maintaining their route order. Although MapPoint can import and export waypoints as pushpins, their order is usually re-arranged. RouteWriter exports waypoints and their matching pushpins to Excel with their waypoint distance, time, coordinate, address data, and all available pushpin data fields. Routes can also be optimized. Pushpins can be matched to waypoints using two different methods. They can be matched on name (unreliable if duplicate names exist); or name and distance (slower but reliable). RouteWriter includes 'RouteReader' which is used to import routes from pushpins in a pre-determined order. This order is specified by a pushpin data field (typically a column that is imported using the Data Import Wizard). This field can be text or number, although it is usually a simple sequence number. Sorting can be in both ascending or descending order. Pushpins can also be selected by 'group' within a pushpin set. This feature allows all locations (eg. customers) to be imported at once. RouteReader is then run multiple times creating each required route (eg. for each day).

Software Price: $75.00
Software Version: 2.4
Release Date
: 9/22/2008

Size: 2.96 MB
Platform: Windows 2000, XP, Vista

Download Link: RouteWriter Download

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