This is a Vegas style video poker game.

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Video Poker

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This Vegas style game is one of the few casino games that the player has a slight advantage over the house. This advantage is the reason it is so popular among vacationers. The object of the game is to try and get the highest poker hand possable. This is done by selecting which cards you wish to keep then asking the computer to deal the rest of the cards. Straight Flush: 5 cards of the same suit in numerical order EX.: 6D 7D 8D 9D 10D 4 of a kina: 4 cards of the same value. The fith card is meaningless Ex.: 4D 4S 4C 4H 9D Full House: 3 of a kind and a pair. Ex.: 3D 3H 7S 7C 7D Flush: 5 cards of the same suit but not in numarical order Ex.: 3D 8D 6D QD AD Straight: 5 cards in numarical order but not the same suit Ex.: 7H 8D 9C 10S JH 3 of a kind: 3 cards of the same value Ex.: 2H 2D 2S 9D KS 2 Pair: 2 sets of 2 cards withthe same numerical value Ex.: 3H 3D 9S 9C QC Jacks or better: 1 pair of cards that are equal or better than a Jack Ex.: QS QD 8C 6D 9H

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Software Version: 1.0
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: 12/29/2003

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Platform: Win98, WinME, XP, Windows 2000

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