Tools for real time network monitoring.

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XRatel Software

XR SNMP Tools is a set of high performance tools for monitoring network SNMP manageable devices. XR SNMP Tools monitors network traffic and bandwidth usage as well as many others network parameters like error rates, collision rates, memory and CPU usages. It provides valuable information for system administrators to optimize the efficiency, layout and setup of WAN and LAN links, routers, servers and other Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) enabled network components. It also has the ability to monitor the downtime of network unmanaged devices. The most common usage is real-time network monitoring of WAN and LAN networks. You can also monitor many other aspects of managed switches, printers, and other network components as long as they are SNMP enabled. Powerful network diagnostics are easily achieved using XR SNMP Tools. It was designed to meet all business, office and industrial requirements. An OPC server is available in other license options and it provides open connectivity to the industrial world.

Software Price: $390.00
Software Version: 3.0
Release Date
: 7/28/2005

Size: 9.4 MB
Platform: NT 4.x, Windows 2000, XP, Windows 2003

Download Link: XR SNMP Tools Download

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