Flash Navigation For Web and PowerPoint

InstantFX SE Navigation Maker

Create Flash Button Navigation Bars with ease. Custom Fonts, Sounds, TextColor, Button Tinting, Text Position/Alignment. Output direct to any web pages, MS PowerPoint, MS Frontpage, EXE, SCR. Simple to use, for anyone. Import new button libraries!

Tags: animation buttons edit flash flash buttons flash to exe flash to screensaver frontpage fscommand navigation powerpoint scr swf swf buttons swf to exe web design

Create online or standalone Flash MP3 Players

InstantFX SE MP3 Player Maker

Easily create online or standalone custom, skinnable Flash MP3 Players. Output to Web Pages for online use with streaming MP3s playable on any website. Output MP3 in executable format (EXE) for single file release of Player and MP3''s all in one!

Tags: flash flash mp3 flash player mp3 mp3 screensaver mp3 to exe mp3exe player swf to exe web audio

Browse/Edit Cache SWF Files Make ScreenSavers

InstantFX SE Flash Browser Transformer

Browse/Edit Cache SWF Files from File, InstantFX Flash Clipart and IE Cache. Output to web pages (including direct to FrontPage), direct to MS PowerPoint or easily convert SWF to Windows EXE or Screensaver with self contained installer.

Tags: browse cache cache change flash swf edit edit flash edit swf flash flash to exe flash to screensaver frontpage screensavers swf swf text swf to exe swf to scr web design

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