Blocks the ad windows on your desktop.

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Shoot The Messenger!

ZATZ Publishing

You're working on your computer, minding your own business. And bam! Suddenly something weird shows up. It's not an email. You're not even browsing the Web, so you know it's not one of those annoying Web pop-ups. What the heck is it? Someone just stuck an ad in the middle of your screen. Shoot The Messenger's an amazing little program. It's the sheriff that completely bans those bad boys from ever showing up on your machine again. It takes about two minutes to install, and Shoot The Messenger's on guard instantly, all the time. Shoot The Messenger! completely bans those nasty little ad windows that show up in the middle of your computer screen, even when you're not browsing the Web. Containing special security features that constantly check the security of the Windows Messenger service and ensure proper operation of your favorite IM program, Shoot The Messenger! is the fastest and easiest way to solve a very annoying problem. Stop putting up with those message windows! No matter whether you use Yahoo Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, Microsoft MSN Messenger, Windows Messenger, ICQ, or even Jabber, Trillian or others, Shoot The Messenger! makes sure each can run even while the Windows Messenger service pop-ups are blocked. For our technically savvy readers: Yes, you could turn off the Messenger service by hand. If you do have some of that geek blood running through your veins, you probably have. You could probably even walk someone through how to do it over the telephone. Fun. Problem is, your non-technical friends might decide to "tinker." Shoot The Messenger means sleeping well know Dad hasn't discovered Windows services! Plus, there's one powerful thing Shoot The Messenger! does that just shutting down the service doesn't do: it checks every second to be sure the service is off and locked down, and it uses almost no cycles to do so. It's a feature that even a geek could love. Shoot those ads today!

Software Price: $29.95
Software Version: 1.03
Release Date
: 8/15/2003

Size: 3.51 MB
Platform: NT 4.x, XP, Windows 2000

Download Link: Shoot The Messenger! Download

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