WebCam Anti-Theft System for Net Bar

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WebCam Anti-Theft System for Net Bar


WebCam Anti-Theft System for Net Bar is a set of anti-theft system specifically used for the net bar facility (Webcam), and it can find the loss of computer facility timely. When the computer facility (Webcam) is pulled out, it can sound the alarm, and at the same time the server administration end can be informed immediately which reminds the net bar administrator to prevent the facility from being stolen. Features: 1. The client-side can operate automatically and hide the program interface, so the net bar customers can not feel the operation of the client-side programs. 2. The client-side program covers very tiny system resouces and it does not affect the computer use at all. 3. The client-side supports the non-disk working station. 4. The administration of the client-side checks through password so as to prevent the customers from changing the setting of the client-side. 5. The client-side and the server-side are connected permanently. When the client-side stops operating, the server-side can always be informed so as to prevent the thieves from stealing by shutting down the computer. 6. The server-side displays all the movements of the client-side. When anything unusual happens, it will flip to inform the windows and send out the alarm.

Software Price: $68.95
Software Version:
Release Date
: 11/12/2006

Size: 1.03 MB
Platform: Win98, WinME, Windows 2000, XP, Windows 2003

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