de Willebois Consulting

The perfect tool for planning appointments


StarPlanner is a planning tool for virtually all organisations where people undergo treatments. For example: beauty salons, hairdressers, dentists, nail studios, small clinics, etc. You can use this tool for planning appointments with clients.

Tags: appointment management appointments appointments planner clients perfect planner planning starplanner tool

Very easy to use address manager

Easy Directory

Very easy to use personal address manager with reminder option.

Tags: address address management easy manager personal reminders management

Perfect tool for logging al action computers


StarLogger is a key strokes recorder utility used to capture, monitor, and record everthing typed into a computer and is able to create screen captures regularly.

Tags: captures computer everthing keylogger logger logging records screen security starlogger typed

Tool for CRM, hour registration and invoicing


CompanyStreamLiner. The perfect all-in-one tool for customer relation management, registration of worked hours on projects and invoicing. Includes feature for creating reports.

Tags: customer relation management hour registration invoicing relation management

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