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Creating server side customizing charts.

Active Server Image

Generate server side custom industrial, manufacture, business, medical, chemical charts in Bmp,Jpg, Png format for MS ASP. It handles multiple concurrent requests, while its light weight design consumes only a small amount of system resources.

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Creating server side dynamic flash(swf).

Active Server Flash Standard

Generate web server side adverting banner, dynamic content in Macromedia flash format from your Active Server Pages (VBScript and JScript), your PHP scripts. Programing Language: ASP/PHP/COM/Visual Basic/VBScript/JScript/C/C++

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Use random letters to complete words spell.


Random letter block will drop down to bottom, just like the tetris game, use left or right arrow key to move the block. When the block drop to the bottom, the correct word(3-8 letters) will be moved. If the new letter block can't drop, game over.

Tags: crossword games online games puzzle games puzzle software puzzles word games

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