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T-SQLEditPro is not a SQL Server management tool, so it is not a replacement for Enterprise Manager, althought it does alot of what EM does and better. It's not a transact sql debugger...yet. It is a transact sql code editor that gives developers SQLSense© (like MS IntelliSense®) aware access to both database objects like tables and fields and also functions and your own code variables. It allows the developer one place to view, edit and test views and stored procedures. If you miss the Intellisense® that Microsoft Visual Studios provides, then this is the Query Analyzer replacement that you have been looking for! In addition to the code editor, T-SQLEditPro also has a graphical query builder that allows you to generate complex joined queries to use in your stored procedures. There are several extremely useful features that make writing t-sql easier, but perhaps the most useful of them all is the SQLSense© code completion that will drop down a list of table names in the database you are working on, fields in the table you have selected, functions that can be used or variables that you have declared. Once you have a piece of code written, T-SQLEditPro allows you to store snippets of code to entire procedures in a local database file that, in large shops, could be shared across multiple developers on the network. In addition to storing snippets of code, T-SQLEditPro also comes with a small collection of useful code snippits for you to use and learn from with more coming soon. It will also create basic Select, Insert, Update and Delete stored procedures for any table selected, as well as create stub code to create Databases, Tables, Stored Procedures and Triggers according to parameters you supply. If you are a Visual Basic or Java programmer, T-SQLEditPro will also write the code to create the connections to the selected database as well as the code to run the selected stored procedure. This is just the short list of functions that have been packed in!

Software Price: $40
Software Version: 1.0.200
Release Date
: 4/1/2002

Size: 7.36 MB
Platform: Win98, NT 4.x, XP, Windows 2000

Download Link: T-SQLEditPro Download

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