EasySec Firewall SDK

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EasySec Firewall SDK


EasySec Firewall SDK is a professional software kit for developing network firewall, sniffer or analyzer applications for Microsoft Windows. Simple APIs of EasySec Firewall SDK include powerful functions: Double layer packet filter (application layer and kernel layer) can manage and control data packets of all kinds network protocols quickly and correctly. Application auditing avoids back door program leaking sensitive information, and generates application filter rule intelligently. Particular filter rules of net neighborhood can manage and control the shared resource, prevent information leaking from local network; Lots kinds of filter rules can achieve your requirement for managing network information.. Using EasySec Firewall SDK to add firewall capabilities to applications that will operate on the internet to ensure that your application is safe from various attacks, and that once identified, an intruder can be blocked from accessing the system without incurring high CPU usage. Features: Application Programming Interface being encapsulated by DLL is simple and powerful.; Source code of a personal firewall demo using SDK is open and free. Engine of SDK provide full functions of a professional personal firewall. Monitors all applications trying to access the Internet, receive data or send an e-mail. Shared resources of net neighborhood can be managed and controlled for unsafe local network. Double layer packet filter (application layer and kernel layer) can manage and control data packets of all kinds network protocols quickly and correctly; Supports filtering of packets both incoming (to the local machine) and outgoing (packets attempting to leave the local machine) ICMP(PING) packet control protect and hide your IP address. Allows filters to be set up by specifying ranges of IPs and ports Allows packet filters to be set up to block all traffic by default, or to let all traffic pass by default; rules then operate against this

Software Price: $149
Software Version: 1.10b
Release Date
: 5/2/2003

Size: 1 MB
Platform: Win98, WinME, NT 4.x, XP, Windows 2000

Download Link: EasySec Firewall SDK Download

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