Creates installations for your applications.

install-us Professional

Distribute your software With install-us via Internet, CD, DVD and disks. Supports all Windows 16/32 Bit; SFX; 30 int. languages; CD-Manager; silent installatiions, registry, ini-files; password; expiration; billboards; SharedDLLs; and more.

Tags: autostart compression create files installation installations install-us internet download links program start registry self extracting archive setup setup-toolkit sfx shortcuts software uninstall

Calling-Us - ISDN communication suite

Calling-Us Professional ISDN-Suite

ISDN Communication suite - Answering equipment,Voice-to-eMail, PC-Telephone, Call forwarding, Callback, Callthrough, Serial-voice-messages, etc. Please see for details!

Tags: answering machine call forwarding calling-us capi dtmf e-mail fax faxrequest isdn messaging pc phone serial fax sms unified unified messaging voice

Calling-Us - ISDN communication suite

Calling-Us Standard ISDN-Suite

ISDN software with answering machines, DTMF navigation, PC phone, PC fax, PC data (Eurofile), VIP welcome, etc. Please see for details!

Tags: answering machine calling-us capi communication dtmf e-mail fax isdn phone sms voice

ISDN answering machine and call monitor

Calling-Us Monitor

Calling-Us Monitor is your personal ISDN call monitor, which informs about all incoming calls and receives voice messages via its three integrated answering equipment components. CAPI supporting ISDN hardware required. - free download, free support!

Tags: ae answering answering machine call capi download free incoming calls isdn machine monitor phone program start sms support

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