Shows all the chords on the virtual piano

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All That Chords!

olivier gortais

This program shows you the way to play any piano chord. Choose any in the lists and it will indicate which keys you must press. Inversion are also possible. In the mean time, the chord is displayed on a staff (both clef) and played either at once, or as an arpeggio (ascending and descending). User can save each chord as a MIDI file. Scales are also displayable (Major, Dorian, Blues...) The opposite process can be done: select the keys pressed on the virtual keyboard, or play directly an external MIDI keyboard, it will tell you which chord is played ! A Chord sequencer will allow you to set-up a chord pattern. Of course you can save it and also export it as a MIDI file.

Software Price: $5
Software Version: 3.2
Release Date
: 4/3/2006

Size: 1.68 MB
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME, Windows 2000, XP

Download Link: All That Chords! Download

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