pdc Form Maker

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pdc Form Maker

pdc Precision Designed Computing

pdc Form Make the program designed to create the paperless office. Most form programs produce a bland form with no interaction with the user. Today the word is in color with pictures and automation on the form. Today innovation and creativity can be restricted because every one uses the same computer program for information processing. This program will allow you to brake out of the standard information mold. Create a system setup for your origination or business. The program will allow the medium size business to save thousands of dollars or euros in postage alone. The ability to send and receive via email and quickly transfer common information form to form will increase your savings. The pdc Form Reader is a free program for processing forms and is royalty free to companies receiving your forms. This allows usage of your form without purchasing software. The following is an overview of pdc Form Maker, this will introduce you to the many things that the program will enable you to accomplish. Create high quality forms, professional quality publications, digital books and exquisite documents. Email form and receive email forms and automatically input the data into the form data base. The limit for the program is restricted only by your imagination. What do you consider as a form? An example of a form you may not have considered is a CD cover, business cards, Christmas cards and letters. On the market today is a great number of good programs that allow you to accomplish various things, the programs perform a single task. The pdc Form Maker difference is that the program is not for a single task but a multitude of tasks. When you create a form you do all of the following, you create a database, computer program, form help, instructions and user interface. Create forms using your existing pre-printed forms, computerize the form and fill in the form using an inkjet printe

Software Price: $65.00
Software Version: 2.0.0
Release Date
: 10/10/2003

Size: 12.08 MB
Platform: Windows 95/98, WinME

Download Link: pdc Form Maker Download

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