Create native Windows .EXEs for Java!


JEXECreator simplifies deploying software written in Java? to client or server platforms. It makes it easy to create native 32-bit Windows executables (native launchers) for invoking applications written in the Java? programming language.

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Anywhere PE Viewer - free EXE and DLL viewer.

Anywhere PE Viewer

Anywhere PE Viewer is a free tool for exploring PE (Portable Executable) files (EXE, DLL). With Anywhere PE Viewer, you can inspect all PE headers, view export tables and import tables and resources.

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JustStyle CSS Editor.

JustStyle CSS Editor

JustStyle CSS Editor is full-featured yet easy-to-use software for webmasters. It is a specialized style sheets development environment, featuring everything you need to develop and deploy cascade style sheets.

Tags: cascade css css1 easy-to-use editor full-featured html juststyle sheets software style webmasters www

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