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NIST standard AES encryption COM component fo

AES Encryption COM Component

xTyAESCrypter is a standard light-weighted COM component for ASP, VC++, VB, etc. xTyAESCrypter implements the NIST standard AES (Rjindael) symmetric key encryption algorithm. Features: Efficient interfaces for encrypting/decrypting data.

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FTP with NIST standard AES file encryption

FTP with Standard AES Encryption

Features: (1) HIPAA compliant encryption. (2) No installation or setup needed. (3) Profile locking. (4) Background transfer scheduling. (5) Command line execution. (6) Multi-thread file tranferring. (7) Integrated with Windows Explorer.

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FREE popup window blocker.

Free Popup Window Blocker

xTyHTMLDecrypter is a FREE and light-weighted Internet Explorer extension (not a toolbar!). Features: (1) Decrypt web pages that are encrypted using the NIST standard AES encryption. (2) Block popup windows efficiently. Sample of encrypted page

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Encrypt or archive files in Windows Explorer.


Encrypt/decrypt multiple files and folders with a click in Windows Explorer. Features: (1) HIPAA-compliant. (2) Using NIST AES standard encryption technology. (3) Include standard Zip utility. (4) Recursively encrypt or decrypt selected folders.

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