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Defeat a worldwide epidemic.

Epidemic Groove

Dejobaan Games

Defeat a worldwide epidemic by constructing nanomechanical defenses to keep deadly pathogens at bay. Build defensive walls, medical lasers, repair pylons, and more, to protect a healthy brain cell from viral and bacterial attack.

Software Keywords: action microscope cell create groove build

Ping tool availability, response times.

Performance Pinging

Carsten Schmidt

Perfping is a tool that allows you to ping a host continuously or with a single ping using different data volumes. This can give you an indication of the performance of the route to your host. You can change the ping intervall from 2 to 30 seconds using various timeouts. The timeout is always smaller than the pinging interval. Results are written to log window and log file if so chosen. Unreachable hosts have a value of 0 ms.

Software Keywords: performance response times performance pinging icmp. availability

RnR ReportGen for GNATBox

ReportGen for GNATBox

RnR Software

RnR ReportGen for GNATBox creates reports based on users Internet activity. It takes the logs created by a GNATBox Firewall and displays a user selected report in a web browser. Logs are read from a tab delimited file that has been created by a syslog daemon like Kiwi Syslog Daemon.

Software Keywords: report users log rnr activity reports


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