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YSpam - Don't read Spam

YSpam - Yahoo(tm) Message Reader

1010 Software Inc.

Yspam is a very simple to use message reader for the Yahoo Investing Message Boards. It flags any potential spam and allows you to rank users and messages. You will find that using YSpam is the quickest way to read messages for the stocks you follow.

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Recommends when to buy and sell your stocks.

1010 Software - Duke - The Portfolio Watchdog

1010 Software Inc.

Duke is a fun software download for windows that gives you portfolio tracking information and stock picks info. There is also a free online internet stock picking contest for $100, as well as other great stuff!!!

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VIVO - all in one Media system



IVIVO - all in one Media system that was designed to make it easy for you to discover, download, organize, and play your digital media-from music to video, pictures, and recorded TV.IVIVO's video playback enters the realm of high-end home theater systems with advanced filtering, automatic gain control, and software accelerated processing of HD video.

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Prompt solution for lost Office passwords.

Office Password Recovery Toolbox

Rixler Software

Every type of protection in MS Office relies on a password to limit data access. But what can you do if the password is lost or changed by mistake? Office Password Recovery Toolbox offers the solution for problems with protected documents in MS Office. Its expert knowledge of Office protection allows recovering any password in a flash. Not only is the solution lightning-fast, but also user-friendly and secure.

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a smart way to forget nothing


philippe Aussel

This software reminds you automatically your events at the computer start or at a precise time. It offers the largest choice of events cycle (daily, monthly, etc...). You can even create your own cycles (every 3 days for example). You can associate an image to an event. The software manages an history file to store when the events have been acknowledged. The software is easily customizable.

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