Advregistery Software



Advanced Communication

The component provides you complete registry management on server.It provides complete basic registry management operations, such as Get, Set and Delete a registry value or key.It also lists all given keys and values under given registery branch.

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Advanced money management trading strategies.

Market System Analyzer

Adaptrade Software

Market System Analyzer (MSA) is designed to help maximize the performance of trading systems and methods. MSA can uncover tradable profit/loss patterns, optimize trade sizes, and avoid trades that have a low likelihood of success. The result is a higher percentage of winning trades, lower drawdowns, more consistent returns, and greater profitability. For discretionary and systematic stock and futures traders.

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Want to Christmas mood? It''s game for you!

Winter Tale

Ten Games

Want to Christmas mood? It's game for you! Rich graphics, freezed balls, many presents, 100+ levels, two different playing mode, beautiful music, combo, bonuses! and much-much more! It is ALL for you! Funny puzzle balls game. Winter Tale never end.

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A timer automated image grabber (screenshots)


Harry Doldersum

TGrab is a new type of "image grabber": it can not only take screenshots (either from the full screen or the active window) in a manual mode, but also in a timer automated mode. You can configure TGrab to take a picture at a preferred timer interval, during a time limited session and/or until a quantity of images is reached. If preferred, it can even run totally invisible and/or terminate itself when done.

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