Anti-thieft Software

FAKE home security program screensaver

Stop Thief Screen Saver

Pixel Paradox

Pixel Paradox makes NO claim that STOP THIEF will prevent any kind of criminal activity whatsoever, under any circumstances. It has NO ability to detect motion, or call the police. Everything is FAKE. It is comparable to "the electronic barking dog", which is not really a dog, but just a recording of a barking dog. DO NOT RELY ON THIS PRODUCT TO PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY, OR OFFER ANY KIND OF HOME SECURITY.

Software Keywords: intruder home security thief alarm

Document sharing and collaboration add-on.

Virtual Documents

Antioch Software

Virtual Documents software is a document sharing and collaboration add-on that's easy to integrate into .NET applications and easy to use. Your team will gain efficiencies, save time, and improve information security by using Virtual Documents to store their sensitive data in one central, secure location. It lets users create, edit, delete, and move documents within the application and offers read-only or read-write access to team members.

Software Keywords: .net folders storage central location add-on

FlexCell is a flexible .NET grid control.

FlexCell Grid Control for .NET

FlexCell Studio

FlexCell is a flexible and easy to use grid control, it provides comprehensive functions, such as exporting to Excel, HTML and XML, importing from XML, printing, preview, sorting, charting, cell merging, virtual grids, etc. Using FlexCell Grid Control, you can create smart user interfaces and report form in your application with very little code.

Software Keywords: chart grid component print preview export to excel merge cell winform

File management scheduler. Internet and LAN.

Automation Commander


Automation Commander is a file management scheduler which is able to periodically backup, cleanup, FTP upload, HTTP, send by email files/directories, run/shutdown programs. This variety of tasks allows to develop the complete solutions of information dataflow automation in business, network/web administration and personal systems.

Software Keywords: mail easy delete ftp regularly


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