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Autumn Fantasy - Fun 3D screensaver

Autumn Fantasy


This screensaver was written in autumn 2002 in a chilly dull day when the mood was slightly dismal. Looking thougth the window, it seemed the Octoder went throughout the Earth, troughout the red-yellow Earth...

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Kordil EDMS (Document Management System)

Kordil EDMS Document Management System


Kordil EDMS (Electronic Document Management System) is a fully free user friendly and powerful document control and management system with power-tools to gather all documents within your organizations under a single database. Kordil EDMS is absolutely free for everyone use without any restriction.

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Fast training of regression type networks


Neural Decision Lab LLC

Freeware for fast training, validation, and application of regression/approximation networks including the multilayer perceptron, functional link network, piecewise linear network, self organizing map and K-Means. C source for applying trained networks. Extensive help. User-supplied txt-format training data files, containing rows of numbers, can be of any size. Pruning for approximate structural risk minimization.

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For Beginners and PRO.

King of the Stars

DELEMME Diffusion

CREATE or modify astrological charts: Time Systems for America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand are provided. Coordinates of more than 3000 cities worldwide are supplied, but you may also add your own little village! ANALYZE these charts: the analysis of the birth chart with our interpretation module outputs impressive diagnoses. You can also get YOUR personalized Forecasts. The chart itself may be drawn, printed, modified.

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