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Langmeier Backup protects your data.

Langmeier Backup

Langmeier Software

Langmeier Backup is a completely standard program for the data protection. One communicates to it, which folders and/or drive assemblies it is to save, and presses on "start" then, in order to save the data into the desired goal directory. A backup can take place either via manual start, or also automated. As backup medium one can use all data media, which are recognized in Windows as drive. Also network drives can be included into the backup.

Software Keywords: datasafety storing back up against risks

Graphical statistics showing open IP ports


IP Worx

Graphical network statistics showing open TCP/IP ports and their connections. Allows for printing or saving to a text file as well as the ability to hide connections to the local machine.

Software Keywords: graphical showing port ip open connections

Finds extrema of multivariable functions

Maxima and Minima

Orlando Mansur

Finds the relative maxima and minima of multivariable functions. It can fully explore defined intervals to search for multiple solutions or quickly find solutions starting with random seeds. You may predefine constants and specify the error bound for the results. Handles a wide variety of functions, including trigonometric and hyperbolic functions. Results can be saved or printed. Includes a help file with instructions, example and methodology.

Software Keywords: engineering math science mathematics maxima and mimima optimization

Remove installed and/or uninstalled programs.

Uninstall Plus! 2004

Virtual Solutions

Completely uninstall programs. Easy find and remove any traces of the previously uninstalled or deleted programs. Scan identify and repair registry malfunctions autmatically. Bacukp and restore registry. Manage and control the programs starting at computer's boot. Make the boot a headache free process. Uninstall Plus! is a quicker and better solution for cleaning your computer and have it running at its real speed and error free at all times.

Software Keywords: startup identify programs registry remove backup


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