Block Applications Software

Control Internet access, Block applications

Browse Control

Codework Ltd

Browse Control performs Internet Access Control and Application Blocking to clamp down on users spending time on non-work related web activities and also prevents users from running unauthorised software such as KazaA, etc. Internet access can be completely blocked or just restricted to specified websites (White list). The application blocker can stop ANY application from running.

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An exciting capture and defend strategy game.

Nine Men's Morris

Smart Box Design

If you like chess or checkers, you will love this award winning classic. Nine Men's Morris is an exciting capture and defend strategy game that is endlessly entertaining. Place your pieces to make mills-three pieces in a row, horizontally or vertically-and then capture your opponent's pieces. Go on the offensive, but don't forget to keep up a good defense. Your opponent might be one move away from regaining control of the board

Software Keywords: exciting checkers chess mens nine strategy

Files Together, web 2.0 ajax enabled system

Files Together

Anywhere Together Software Ltd

Files Together is a web based file manager that runs on Apache/IIS or any web server that supports php on any OS (windows/Linux etc). You can use our web based file manager to create web file sharing solutions for your organisation.

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Store all your passwords

Passwords Keeper

Store your passwords for all online and offline accounts. Create unique user account. Add, Edit, Delete passwords. Load and Save passwords list. Open login webpage with a click (Pop-Up menu). Updates: - user account creation - passwords are encrypted now

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