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Great view of the pearly-colored giant!

Planet Jupiter 3D Screensaver

Astro Gemini Software

Jupiter is twice as massive as all the other planets of the Solar system combined. At the same time it rotates faster than any other planet. Colorful latitudinal bands, atmospheric clouds and storms illustrate Jupiter's dynamic weather systems. When viewed through a modern telescope, the flattened disk of Jupiter has a pearly color with bands of pastel browns and blues. You will get a much better view if you download this awesome screensaver!

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Simple, Intuitive Bible Study Software

The Workman''s Study Bible

Due Diligence Software

The Workman's Study Bible is an innovative and intuitive Bible Study software application. It is compatible with most Online Bible modules. It features the ground-breaking Hover Navigation System and a simplified, intelligent, powerful search and display interface. It supports complex search criteria and proximity searches. Included with installer: KJV 1769, JFB Commentary (entire Bible), Cross-References, Strong's Hebrew and Greek Lexicons.

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NFL screensaver

NFL Screen Saver


Football - a true warriors game. 31 teams in two conferences clashed for the title of champion in 2001. Recreate the thrill with this screensaver!

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It simulates Diffusion, Brown''s motion, ...

Molecular Structure of the Substance

This is an educational program for the field of physics and chemistry, supported by simulations. This program is a type of graphic simulation, which is the most important element for educational purposes. The program consists of nine sequences (substance classification, molecule motion, Diffusion, Brown's motion, temperature and pressure, ideal gas, real gas, crystal structures, etc.).

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