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InfoZoomer - amazing approach to PIM. It allows to simplify work with considerable block of data by offering you various degrees of 'zooming' certain problems, thus making it a lot easier to manage the work process itself. It provides you with an effective way to organize: Planning Buisiness Projects, Address book, Daily planner, Reminders, Notebook, Photo album, Collection of web links and an any data that need to be grouped within your view.

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Treats SWF-files and shows detailed structure

Dump Flash decompiler


Dump Flash Decompiler is the program that treats compressed and decompressed SWF-files and shows the detailed structure in the tree form. It's possible to export a file to the XML format for the next work with SWFMILL program.

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Batch change file/folder date-time/attributes

AttributeMagic Standard


Change file/folder date-time stamps and attributes in batch mode. You can set or reset individual attributes, Accessed, Modified and Created dates, date-time shifting and masking, filters. You can set or reset individual attributes, Accessed, Modified and Created dates, Custom filters can be applyed to process certain items.

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Make great looking calendars for your website

NetObjects Web Calendar

Website Pros Inc.

Web design tool to create great looking calendars for your website with NetObjects Web Calendar. Easy-to-use interface and familiar calendar application tools, you can create your first calendar in minutes. Easily add events and recurring details and display them by week, month or year. Integrate your calendar into your website by modifying the colors and size to match your look-and-feel. As with all NetObjects products, no HTML knowledge is required.

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