Call Shop Billing Solution Software

VOIP Call Shop Billing Software

VOIP Call Shop Billing Software

Advanced VOIP

Call Shop Billing solution will help you start generating new revenue stream by providing low cost telecommunication services. In a typical call shop operation customers come to the location of the shop, make a telephone call from one of the phone booths to any place in the world and get charged upon completion.

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compound interest affects your savings

Savings/Pension Growth +

Bent Tree Software

This program is a version of a program that will show you how compound interest affects your long-term savings. It will run under Win 95, 98, Me, NT4, XP, & 2000. This program will calculate a complete annuitization schedule for regular deposits with durations of up to 40 years at inputted rates of return. The amount of interest accumulated during any calendar year is also calculated for your use at tax time.

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Recover Lotus Word Pro files passwords

Lotus Word Pro Password

Thegrideon Software

Lotus Word Pro Password allows you to recover passwords which Lotus Word Pro files (.lwp, .mwp) are protected with. Lotus Word Pro Password recover passwords for all Lotus Word Pro security levels (Open, TeamSecurity) and file type including "small file format". Program works with all version of Lotus Word Pro files. This is very powerful tool to sysadmins security officers and all who have problems with Lotus Word Pro passwords.

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Makes Windows 2000 copy big files faster.

LowTek CopyFaster

LowTek Creations

Utility that makes Windows 2000 Explorer copy big files up to 185% faster when copying to and from the same hard drive. CopyFaster does this by causing less hard drive head seeking and by using uncached file access to prevent wasted copying to and from the cache. Enable CopyFaster and copy files in Windows 2000 Explorer normally by using the Edit menu, or drag and drop, etc.

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