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SuperChecks prints checks


Peak InfoSystems, Inc.

SuperChecks prints filled-out or blank checks on standard two-check check blanks or plain paper. It also can print pages of smaller blank checks. The program allows you to set up as many checking accounts as necessary and to switch between them.

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Keyboard trapping solution (for programmers)


ITB CompuPhase

Block Ctrl-Alt-Delete in Windows 2000 and Windows XP... (who said that it could not be done?) KeyTrap is a programmer's tool for Microsoft Windows that allows you to trap key presses and optionally block them. KeyTrap offers a rigorous key trapping solution for all (Win32) versions of Microsoft Windows and for all keys. KeyTrap maintains the keyboard state and a key queue internally, so blocked keys can still be detected by your program.

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Simple todo list and time management tool

Mr Schedule

Andrew Pietsch

Mr Schedule is a simple and easy to use task planner, todo list and note editor all in one. Easily create task outlines, calculate project estimates and keep all your ideas together in the one place.

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Batch convert and resize images keep ratio.



Batch convert and resize images without losing aspect ratio. This application has many additional features such as the ability to add prefixes and suffixes to your batch processing list; sequential naming; converts images to many popular formats; preview images. You can make an image your background for your desktop. Images can be opened in their default application. Change the height and width.

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