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Manage Sim friends, relationships, careers



This simple program keeps track of who is friends with who in The Sims or The Sims 2 game. Select the career path and level for your sims to see who is available at a given hour before you try calling them. Manage your Sims' relationships with Matchmaker - keep track of the chemistry and/or romance between Sims, match them up based on good chemistry, and find out if a sim is married before flirting!

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It describes the unique world of neutrons.

Exploring matter with Neutrons


Exploring matter with Neutrons explains neutrons and the unique properties that make them so useful to science and industry. The experimental instruments and the large array of neutron applications in the most advanced fields of physics, chemistry, biology, and materials science are described in an interactive manner. The encyclopedia is destined for students, teachers, research institutes, industry and the general public.

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It simulates Diffusion, Brown''s motion, ...

Molecular Structure of the Substance

This is an educational program for the field of physics and chemistry, supported by simulations. This program is a type of graphic simulation, which is the most important element for educational purposes. The program consists of nine sequences (substance classification, molecule motion, Diffusion, Brown's motion, temperature and pressure, ideal gas, real gas, crystal structures, etc.).

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A tool to balance and calculate equations.

Chemical Equation Expert


Chemical Equation Expert is an integrated tool for chemistry professionals and students to solve chemical equation problems. It can balance chemical equation quickly and calculate the mass mole of the compounds automatically. Furthermore, It provide a expandable chemical equation library to help you find an equation or make a summary of a certain type of reactions easily.

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Interactive multimedia Chemistry tutor.

Atoms, Bonding and Structure

Raylec Software

Unique interactive multimedia Chemistry teaching software which tests students as they learn. Topics covered include: elements, compounds, mixtures, structure of materials, bond energies and the Periodic Table. Plus interactive simulations to teach atomic structure, ionic bonding and covalent bonding. Written for use in schools, but an excellent personal tutor for anyone beginning to study Chemistry.

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Interactive question and answer tool


Siborg Systems Inc.

Chemistry program with large database of questions. Consists of teacher and student version. Student version allows for answering questions & receiving marks. Teacher version allows for answering as well as editing all aspects of a question. Contains a teacher organizer for easy mark manipulation and quick export to 'Excel', 'CSV'. Program has the ability to recognize incorrect answer, point out mistakes & steer students in the right direct

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Unique interactive multimedia Chemistry tutor

Atoms, Symbols and Equations

Raylec Software

Unique interactive multimedia Chemistry teaching software that tests students as they learn. Topics covered include: elements, atoms and molecules, word equations, chemical symbols, Periodic Table and chemical formulas. Plus interactive simulations to teach the balancing of chemical equations and the formulas of ionic compounds. Written for use in schools, but an excellent personal tutor for anyone beginning to study Chemistry.

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Mathematics and Science Educational Software

Genius Maker

Golden K star Private Ltd

Genius Maker contains 34 educational utilities covering the subjects Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry for High school students. It includes Graph plotter, Analytical geometry, Matrix algebra, Equation solver, Triangle solver, Unit converter, Refraction of rays, Lens and mirrors, Color theory, Transverse waves, Radioactive decay, Periodic table, Gas Laws etc. Out of the 34 softwares, 9 softwares are Free and the remaining are for Trial use.

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It's a software for making scientific graphs.

Science Helper For Ms Word inc,.

Science Helper for Ms Word is a sort of implemental software for making scientific graphs, which is based on Ms Word. It's a general tool for making about physics, chemistry and math graphs of Word documents wholly. This tool makes up the regret of the inconvenience in all kinds of scientific, function and experiment graphs when they would be editing in Word.

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Advanced laptop battery and UPS monitoring.


PassMark Software

An easy to use Windows program that allows the monitoring of laptop computer batteries and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). Graphically see the battery charge / discharge rate, diagnose problem battery cells, compare your batteries performance with expected discharge rates and see the status of each individual battery pack (when multiple batteries are in use). More than 20 statistics are provided including voltage, chemistry and capacity.

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