Cmailserver Software

Easy to use email, web mail server software.

CC Mail Server

CC Mail Server

CC Mail Server, an easy to use email server software and web mail server software, allows you to send and receive emails across the Internet and has supports for client email applications such as Outlook, Eudora etc and web mail. It has supports for ESMTP and multiple domains. Can run as an NT service. Web mail function is based on ASP and IIS.

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High quality video upscaling

YUVsoft Super Resolution Demo


High quality video upscaling using a unique fast super resolution technology. Information from several video frames is used to greatly enhance quality of a high resolution image. Several presets with different speed-quality trade-off are available. The best results are obtained when upscaling video 2 times. The demo can process AVI files of 704x576 resolution or below, making it possible to evaluate quality of SD to HD content conversion.

Software Keywords: upscaling video quality improvement super resolution resampling

Fast convert for Clarion tables

Clarion to Text converter

Scalabium Software

This tool allow to save the records from Clarion file (.dat) to text file. This application don't use any external libraries (no ODBC, no ADO etc) and you may run this tool on computer without any additional setup/install. All features are available via command-line arguments so you could automate any task

Software Keywords: clarion editor export dat clarion data file dat view clarion viewer reading clarion file

Create Packages for Online Content Delivery!


InstallAware Software Corporation

Pack Any Digital Content: * documents * music * software * installations Secure: * code-sign packages for verifying authenticity * protect packages with passwords Flexible: * display license agreements * start an installer, or open any file in package * very tight compression - advanced CAB-LZX algorithm

Software Keywords: delivery content installations packages pack self extract


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