Data Relationship Software

visualize data relationship

SQL Edge

Bay Breeze Software, Inc.

SQL Edge not only allows users to execute SQL scripts, but also provides a powerful way to visualize data relationships. With SQL Edge, users can use only one query to retrieve data in a master table, and then browse data in all related detail tables. Users can also insert, edit, and delete table records in the data grids.

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Learn how to become DEBT-FREE

SetupABudget Debt Elimination Software

CrystaLink, Inc.

Learn how to setup a budget to eliminate your debt and save thousands of dollars in interest payments. Just enter all of your debt information and the SetupABudget Debt Elimination Software will provide you with a plan to become debt free.

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Wildlife slide show screen saver.

Panda Bear

Themestress Desktop Enhancements

Slide show screen saver features photos of panda bears. Registered version includes 10 additional photos. Matching desktop theme and accessories available at Themestress Desktop Enhancements.

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ACiDDraw ANSI Screen Editor 1.25 for DOS

ACiDDraw ANSI Editor

ACiD Productions

A full featured ANSI text editing utility which lets you create and manipulate ANSI/ASCII images. ACiDDraw now supports ANSI, ASCII, Pascal, C, ASM, COM, BIN and PCBOARD save formats. It also features four editing pages at 1,000 lines each, 160-column editing mode, VGA previewing, text justification, and more.

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