Data2hex Software

Edit/convert to Intel Hex Files


Mace Computer Systems

Data2Hex V1.02 is a Windows 95/98/ME Program to edit/convert to Intel Hex Files. Features include: Define multiple data start addresses, Pascal / C / character strings, decimal or hexadecimal byte arrays.

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 Presentation creation software


IV Software

PreMaker (Presentation Maker) is a simple way to create image-based stand alone presentations. You can easy make your own presentation which consists of selected images with various graphical effects.

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Powerful Canadian mailling list builder!.

Canadian Company Search Engine

Bizdbbank Information, Inc.

CCSE is a powerful search engine of Canadian company information and capable of searching out relevant companies and their contacts instantly in accordance with your enquiry configuration. Gernerate your own sales leads or maillinging list in 1 minutes! You shall instantly have the company information you have desired : your potential customers, your business partners and the ideal suppliers. CCSE is your perfect marketing tool.

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Time tracking software for professionals

Project Timer Pro for Windows

Script Software

It is the easiest and most powerful cross-platform time tracking software available. Excellent for lawyers, independent professionals, consultants and especially organizations (like graphic design firms, law offices, consultants and other groups of professionals) that need to monitor the time they spend on various tasks for clients.

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