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Pixels a fast graphics viewer.



New, a very useful tool, "Find Duplicate Images". Pixels can be used as a great graphics viewer, with features like pre-reading for fast viewing, full screen, easy Delete,Move,Copy, Send mail, Print, and easy shortcuts. Pixels also has a unique Thumbnails mode where it parses the files in the current directory and groups them by processing the filenames in a smart way, detecting files of similar series of pictures.

Software Keywords: hide duplicate thumbnail pixels decode resample

Email checker, klez removal tool.

CC Email Checker


It's a full-featured pop3 email checker. When new messages arrive, it will notify you. If a message includes a Klez worm virus or some defined spam addresses, CC Email Checker will mark it out. It supports delete mail remotely. So you can remove it. In a word, CC Email Checker is also Klez removal tool and anti spam software.

Software Keywords: klez removal tool email check anti spam software

Windows biometrics freeware


Research Lab Inc

Windentify Beta Lite is a freeware voice biometric package. Includes fully working voice verified windows logon. Now start your machine with only your voice print. ONLY YOU ...... can start your computer. ONLY YOU CAN START: DELETE: HIDE: DENY-ACCESS TO YOUR FILES/ PROGRAMS. YOU CAN PREVENT TAMPERING OF LOG REPORTS. YOU CAN CHECK AUTHENTICITY OF YOUR ONLINE MEMBERS

Software Keywords: finger print voice verification facial recognition windows security speech verification biometrics

Outlook Express  ActiveX, Window Address Book

Outlook Express ActiveX Control

Viscom Software

Outlook Express ActiveX, Window Address Book, Remove duplicate email, Add contacts automatically. Browse all the folders of Outlook Express. Rename / Move / Delete / Create a folder. Get Message State / Display From / Subject /Received Date. Delete / Copy / Move / Create message. Create contact in window address book. Browse contacts in window address book.

Software Keywords: add contacts automatically remove duplicate email window address book outlook express activex

Most effective window washing mantra.



Deletes all the hidden contents, frees disc space, provides shield for active protection and supports large number of popular plugins. Not just a Wash, Clean or Shred tool, PCMantra's CleanMantra comes with an Active Protection Shield providing security against Browser Hijack, Privacy trespassing. All the web pages you view, music you listen to, emails you send and receive, graphics you view are being stored in your hard disc in hidden files.

Software Keywords: window washer internet washer browser hijack delete history files protection shield clean

ID Unlocker unblock access to locked files.

ID Unlocker


ID Unlocker is a handy utility which acts as an Explorer extension to help you unlock files. It gets rid of error accessing messages and error deleting files or folders and allows you to proceed with computer related actions. Main features includes: unlocking inaccessible folders, deletes files that can't normally be deleted, erasing and moving of selected applications, kills processes at your request.

Software Keywords: id unlocker erase accessing messages shield error deleting spyware

PDF document editor

PDFill PDF Editor

PlotSoft L.L.C.

PDF editor that can open, edit, view and save PDF documents and insert, fill, edit, delete or submit PDF forms. Ideal for accountants, lawyers, job seekers and small business owners, this utility gives the most inportant PDF editing features at a fraction of the cost of Adobe Acrobat. Features PDF printing, drawing, adding bookmarks or hyperlinks, annotations and comments. PDF form maker, editor, filler and scanner is included.

Software Keywords: annotate pdf pdf viewer pdf editor submit pdf form fill pdf comment pdf



Advanced Communication

The component allows you to perform complete Zip and Unzip management on server. Along with these basic functions it allows to delete, extract file(s) from existing zip file and can perform listing of files using listing facility.

Software Keywords: asp fusion advzip asp fusion components aspfusion

Duplicate Contact Mgr for Microsoft Outlook

ContactGenie Duplicate Contact Manager

The Claxton Group

ContactGenie Duplicate Contact Manager for Outlook '2000-'2007. Remove Outlook/Exch contact duplicates selecting any fields as duplicate criteria. Custom forms/fields fully supported. Preview duplicates prior to update or process automatically. Scan single or multiple folders. Delete or move duplicates to designated folder. Manually merge individual field information from duplicates with designated primary contact. Over-ride keep/delete status.

Software Keywords: duplicate outlook contacts outlook utilties outlook addins remove duplicate outlook contacts microsoft outlook contacts

The USB Antivirus



Antivirus protecion utility removing autorun launch security issue. Prevents Virus spreading through removable drives. It works by scanning the drives for the presence of removable drives. If found, it parses the autorun.inf file for the executables it may run. If AutoProtect is enabled,it will automatically delete the files present on the drive. Otherwise, it will prompt you for your permission to delete the virus.

Software Keywords: prevent trojan prevent virus usb antivirus anti-virus removable drive zip drive


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