Delphi Logging Software

Logging for .NET, Java and Delphi developers


Gurock Software GmbH

SmartInspect is an advanced logging and tracing tool for debugging and monitoring .NET, Java and Delphi applications. It helps you to identify bugs, find solutions to customer problems and gives you a clear understanding of how your software works in different environments and under different circumstances.

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100% managed NET Windows Forms OLAP control

RadarCube Windows Forms Desktop OLAP

Radar-Soft, L.L.C.

RadarCube is a powerful NET Windows Forms OLAP control entirely authored in C# 2.0. Having an excellent performance it allows to work with databases with millions records. Except for standard OLAP operations like drilling and pivoting, RadarCube provides grouping and lots of filter types. Several related tables can be used as a data source. RadarCube has a splendid user interface and powerful API designed to create true OLAP applications.

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View and control your customers computer



Helpdesk software HelpBeam lets you instantly view and control your customers computer over the internet, across firewalls and proxies. Resolve the issue in real time, using web based remote control. HelpBeam requires no installation or configuration, and is 100% secured with end to end SSL encryption.

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Automate all common tasks!

Keyboard Express

Insight Software Solutions

Keyboard Express is a Windows keyboard macro utility. It allows you to issue just about any series of keystrokes to your windows applications with the touch of a key. These keystrokes can manually be entered in and assigned to over 700 hot keys. In addition, keystrokes can be captured ?on the fly? as you are typing in one of your Windows applications. System date and times, symbols and more can be added for insertion into applications and more!

Software Keywords: windows scheduling windows automation utilities schedule automate windows macros


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